Responsive Web Design - Why is it important?

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Responsive Design Is Future Of Web Design Responsive Design Is Future Of Web Design

Responsive websites adapt seamlessly to new browsing habits, bringing your content cost-effectively to more people in a device friendly manner without requiring separate websites and applications for each device.

Over the past two years, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold. In 2013, total shipments of handheld devices are expected to far exceed desktop/notebook/net-book combined sales. With every paradigm shift in  computing the number of users has grown 10-fold. This has been witnessed from mainframe, mini computers, personal computers, laptops, net-books and now mobile devices. More than a million devices are being activated each day around the globe.

This is where Responsive Web Design comes in any why leading websites are migrating to it., the homepage of Microsoft, Smashing Magazine, Mitsubishi Motors are but a few examples of big names that have started moving their content on the web to responsive web design. This is not only good for the search engine optomization of the websites, but it is also quite useful for visitors to the site. The end-users can better view your site on their mobile devices, because the site will look clean and optimized for whichever device they view it on. This will keep them on your site for a longer period of time.

As one paper by Foster Research puts it  - Responsive web design is the future of web design and in  many cases negates the need for platform specific "WEB Apps" thereby resulting in huge savings.

Want to see Responsive Design in action?

Simply resize the width of your browser on any page of our website to see the layout transform or visit our site on any of your mobile devices.

Additionally you can check any of our RWD designed websites in the LATEST RESPONSIVE PROJECTS section at the end of the page.

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