How to Add A Slider On Home Page

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To add an slider on the home page of the website. open the artile and add slider image and then add two SYSTEM TAGS 

System Homepage  and System Headlines

 ADD SLIDER IMAGE IN THE SLIDER IMAGE FILED OF THE ARTICLE PAGE And then scroll down to the end of the page
 This is the Tags section of the Artile page and add the two tage here.
 Start typing the tag name as Home you will see the list of predefined tags, select the System Homepage from the list. DO NOT SELECT Add Keywords

 After you select the System Homepage tag, Start typing the tag name as Head.... you will see the list of predefined Headline, select the System Headline from the list. DO NOT SELECT Add Keywords 

Select both the tags and save the article

System Homepage X System Headlines X


To remove the slider from the website home page remove both the tags by clicking on X against each tag name and save the articles


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