Frequently Asked Questions

Can your CMS handle multi lingual site with each language having separate design?

Yes it is possible to deploy multi linugal website which is managed from same admin interface. Each language can have it's own content, design and ... Read more

Do you sell ready to use templates and skins?

No We do not sell ready made skins and templates. From what you may have seen in our portfolio all designs are done on "UNIQUE" basis ... Read more

What are the charges for a new website design?

This costs vary depending upon the compelxity of the project. We will be happy to provide an estimate if you submit the details about your ... Read more

Do you offer telephone support?

Yes we offer both telephone and email support. Since 2006, based on third party monitoring services, our server uptime has averaged 99.95% over a six ... Read more

If I need changes to my website at a later date, will it be available from you?

All post implementation support and changes are available from us directly and continuing professional support for your website is available either on project basis or ... Read more

What is the guaranty that your hosting charges will not go up?

In more than 12 years of operation we have not increase the service plan charges for any of our services. Absent an unforeseen and abrupt ... Read more

Are there limits on the number of articles I can post in any given hosting plan?

No there are no limits on the number of articles or categories. If you run out of space /bandwidth on any hosting plan, which depends ... Read more

What about software upgrades and security fixes?

All upgrades and security patches are free as long as your account is active on our network.  ... Read more

Do you provide training on how to use the software?

For most components of management of CMS help files are available and accessible from a link within the admin interface. Additionally. during the execution of ... Read more

What is the platform used for CMS and Ecommerce?

Both the Content Management System and the Ecommerce software is based on PHP & MySQL and hosting environment is based on LINUX and Litespeed webserver, ... Read more

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